Tunisia Protests – Live Map

Protests in Tunisia with the epicenter in Kasserine are spreading quickly across the country and are now starting to take hold in the capital, it is a serious development that already resembles the dramatic episode that the country underwent during December 2010 and January 2011.

Just as the spreading of protests and their intensity resembles the events referred to as the Tunisian Revolution, we also find another element introduced early on during the wave of protests which are those individuals who have taken advantage of the chaos in order to conduct criminal acts. Although it is important to distinguish between peaceful protest and criminal activity, the criminal acts should also be seen as a part of the bigger picture regarding both the status of the security in the Tunisian terroritory and the wider social unrest that characterizes Tunisia at present. This map reflects the social unrest by its wider definition. Hence, it includes the more radical and often illegal forms of civil disobedience.

1105 people were arrested for looting, violence or not respecting the curfew throughout the country since the outbreak of the protests.
114 officers within the ranks of the security forces have been injured since the outbreak of protests
5 security posts burned, 13 security posts and more than 8 local public institutions damaged.
35 vehicles vandalized with 6 burned
250 (at least) protesters injured
2 security officers have been killed, 1 in Feriana (Kasserine) and the other in Gafsa city (Gafsa)

Note: The Ministry of Interior and the National Guard often announces arrests without specifying location, which explains the geographical imbalance regarding arrests during this episode of protests since we only marked locations were arrests been reported specifically

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