MENASTREAM is an independent risk and research consultancy focusing on North Africa and the Sahel Region, providing intelligence analysis and tailored services to assist clients in understanding their environment and analyzing their needs

MENASTREAM provides clients with informed assessments of the conditions in the region. Security and safety are paramount for our clients operating in regions where the security situation quickly can change due to unrest, conflict, or other security-related issues

Data collection and all-source analysis of information on political violence, conflict events, and security incidents. Menastream maintains an insulated and localized network across North Africa and the Sahel  

Monitoring and evaluation to support client decisions in their areas of operations  

On-the-ground facilitation to provide clients access and guidance in risk areas of operations, a service MENASTREAM has provided to a wide range of organizations in various sectors

MENASTREAM provides real-time coverage on current events and developments in the region through our twitter newsfeed (@MENASTREAM)