Tunisia: Terrorist killed in the area of Jebel Mghila

Tunisia: Terrorist killed in the area of Jebel Mghila

The month of February have seen an increased terrorist activity in the area of Jebel Mghila with the uncovering of AVMs, IEDs, resting places, campsites and bunkers following search and combing operations.

Jebel Mghila_SummaryFebruary 7:  The regional anti-terrorist unit of Kairouan executed an ambush in the area of Bateun Ghezal and managed to arrest two young men and a young woman from the same family who were aboard a car coming from Jebel Mghila. One of the individuals was wounded by a bullet and the group were heading to Sfax carrying a significant amount of medicine and mattresses. The concerned individuals were taken to the headquarters of the anti-terrorist unit of Kairouan. Following interrogation, it turned out that those three individuals were takfiris who transported a wounded terrorist from Jebel Mghila and intended to transport the terrorist to a clinic so he could receive medical care. The condition of the terrorist was critical since the wound was badly infected and not treated adequatly.

February 10: Military units discovered a terrorist camp, a part of the camp was a dugout used for concealment and fortified fighting positions were also found together with a number of items as following:
Remnants of beard hair, a broken cell phone, a pantry built of wood, a pair of binoculars, assault rifle of type Steyr, birth control pills, medical equipment matching those stolen from the Hasnaoui clinic in Sbiba on the night between 22 and 23 November, 2015, after a military operation that reportedly left one terrorist dead and several others wounded on November 15.

February 16: AVMs/IEDs uncovered following minesweeping operation, military engineering units dismantled and collected the explosive material and components.

February 17: Campsite with a smaller dugout and a few worn objects and garbage found, site most likely funktioned as a temporary resting place.

February 17: Masked gunmen stopped a shepherd and his 28-year-old daughter and requested their identity cards before letting them take off in the area of Faidh Khaled.

February 18: Another campsite found with a few utensils and some other remains, also clear traces of sleeping spaces and a bonfire set with stones.

February 18: A large camp discovered with dugouts, fortifications, bunkers and significant amounts of food, clothes & tools.

February 22: The National Army conducted search and surveillance operations in the closed military zone of Jebel Mghila, a confrontation with a terrorist took place and an exchange of gunfire erupted that resulted in the killing of the terrorist whos been identified as Tahar Ben Nabil Ben Brahim Marzouki, born on August 3, 1993 in Jendouba. An assault rifle of type Kalashnikov, a magazine and 54 ammunition cartridges were seized, the individual was also in possession of a backpack containing some bread and other utensils.
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