Tunisia: Clashes between the army and terrorists at Jebel Bou R’bah

Tunisia: Clashes between the army and terrorists at Jebel Bou R’bah

In the afternoon of Wednesday July 27 clashes emerged between units of the Tunisian armed forces supported by units of the National Guard intelligence reports on suspicious mouvements in the area of Jebel Bou R’bah south of Oued Mliz, Jendouba. During the clashes two terrorists were killed and a soldier lightly wounded and transferred to the Jendouba hospital. According to a statement by the Ministry of National Defense the clashes occurred in the area of Oued el Mzouadj near Aïn Oum Héni located on the western slopes of the Jebel Bou R’bah mountain range. Reports further indicates that five other terrorists were wounded in the clashes although managing to retreat up in the mountains.

Oued Mzouadj

Location where the clashes took place

As a result of the operation the combined units managed to seize 2 assault rifles of type Steyr AUG belonging to the Tunisian Customs, ammunition magazines for weapon type Steyr, a significant amount of ammunition cartridges of 5.56mm and 7.62mm caliber. Other objects seized consists of 1.500 Tunisian Dinars (TND), mobile phones, backpacks, sleeping bags, woolen blankets and clothes.

Photos by the Ministry of National Defense showing the two terrorists killed and weapons and other objects seized

The operation to track down the other terrorists of the group is still ongoing according the Defense Ministry. This incident comes amidst reports on heavy forest fires in the areas of Touiref and Sakiet Sidi Youssef, areas part of the larger mountain range Jebel Ouergha where terrorists have been entrenched for years, it is possible that these fires have forced some of them to relocate further up north and at the same time exposing themselves during their movements. The incident also comes against the backdrop of the killing of a Tunisian soldier in a landmine blast less than a week ago at at Jebel Semmama, Kasserine, an incident claimed by Katibat Uqba Bin Nafaa (KUBN), some reports indicate that it is the same group that was involved in this round of clashes, although not confirmed, still not unlikely due to the group’s longtime presence in the area of Jebel Ouergha.