Inside Islamic State: Swedish female converts desperate to leave Syria


We can call her Karin or Aisha, the muslim name she took when she converted to Islam, she was quickly drawn to the extreme Salafi-Wahhabi ideology as many other converts and became a ‘niqabi’, covering her face and whole body in black. Foolishly and naive this Swedish woman thought she would find ‘Paradise’, instead, after entering Syria from Turkey and arriving in ISIS territory she only found bombs and misery, as she describes it. Now she cries and speaks about how she wants to come home to her teenage son, her child that she left behind when opting for the enticements of the ‘Islamic State’. She describe her ‘experience’ as she’s been deceived about how nice and quiet it was, a place she thought would be like ‘Paradise on Earth’, adding that going to Syria was the biggest mistake she ever made, terrified about not being able to get out alive. ISIS has taken her passport, she also mentions two so called ‘sisters’ with three kids who are in the same situation. Women can’t easily travel alone, it’s very risky trying to leave ISIS territory and lacking travel documents further complicate things. Now, Aisha just wants to come home, but thoughtless decisions can be costly and irrevocable. Aisha doesn’t only face major challenges in Syria, other challenges await her and ‘the sisters’ if they manage to get home.