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FN-soldater attackerade vid svenskbas i Mali – DN.SE

Enligt säkerhetskonsultfirman Menastream är de skadade fransmän. De ska ha utsatts för någon form av granatbeskjutning. Målet för attacken är oklart.

Angrep på svensk FN-base i Mali

En FN-leir i Timbuktu i Mali, hvor svenske FN-soldater er basert, har blitt utsatt for et væpnet angrep. Torsdag morgen rett før klokken ni lokal tid, ble den svenske FN-basen i Timbuktu i Mali angrepet av indirekte ild, melder svenske forvaret på sin blogg.

Attack vid svenskbas i Mali

FN:s läger i Timbuktu i Mali, där de svenska FN-soldaterna har sin bas, utsattes för ett väpnat angrepp i morse, enligt Försvarsmakten.

What can save Mali?

Hamidou Barry has come to Bamako to find his son. His village of Ikerena, in the rural heart of Mali, is a long way from the capital, but this is where he’s been told that men detained by the security forces are taken. Barry rented a room in the home of a very distant relative.

Tunisie: un terroriste abattu et un autre gravement touché dans une opération à Kasserine

Un terroriste a été abattu et un autre touché dans une opération sécuritaire nocturne à Kasserine, dans le centre-est de la Tunisie, a-t-on appris ce lundi auprès du ministre de l’Intérieur.

Over 100 Al Qaeda-linked attacks in West Africa so far in 2017 | FDD’s Long War Journal

Jihadists belonging to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’s Sahara Emirate in 2016 While al Qaeda’s other branches around the world receive more attention, like in Syria or Yemen, the global jihadist group has been continuously active throughout West Africa as well.

GUEST POST: Jihadist Groups In The Sahel Region Formalize Merger

As with all guest posts, the opinions expressed below are those of the guest author and they do not necessarily represent the views of this websites administrator and does not at all represent his employer at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. aims to not only provide primary sources for researchers and occasional analysis of…

Justifying War: The Salafi-Jihadi Appropriation of Sufi Jihad in the Sahel-Sahara – by Abdulbasit Kassim Jacob Zenn

In contemporary Western academic literature on Islam, Sufi movements are conventionally portrayed as peaceful alternatives to the exclusivist, literalist and inherently rigid Wahhabi variant of Salafism. Similarly, a number of counter-radicalization initiatives-for example, the Moroccan government’s support of the Boutchichiyya Sufi movement and the British government’s support of the Sufi Muslim Council and British Muslim Forum-are premised on the idea that Sufism is an Islamic alternative and bulwark against Salafism and political Islamism.



Islamic State looks to regroup in Libya after losing Sirte

TUNIS Islamic State has lost senior figures in an unsuccessful seven-month battle to defend its coastal stronghold in Libya, but there are already signs it will try to fight back through sleeper cells and desert brigades. Libyan officials say hundreds of Islamic State militants may have escaped before the start of the battle for Sirte in May or during its early stages.

Al Qaeda entity involved in communal violence in central Mali | FDD’s Long War Journal

Al Qaeda’s recently formed entity in West Africa, Group for the Support of Islam and Muslims (JNIM), claims that it was involved in recent communal clashes between Fulani and Bambaras in Mali’s central region of Segou. The jihadist group claims it killed “dozens” and wounded many more in the assaults.

Analysis: Merger of al Qaeda groups threatens security in West Africa | FDD’s Long War Journal

The leaders of four al Qaeda groups have united under a common banner. The recent merger of several Mali-based al Qaeda groups is bad news for the already unstable Sahel region. The new al Qaeda entity will fuel an emboldened insurgency in Mali and allow for greater coordination throughout the region.

La batalla de Sirte: ¿Una defensa híbrida del Daesh?

La Operación Al-Bunyan Al-Marsus de mayo a diciembre de 2016 encontró una resistencia por parte del Daesh, en Libia, que empleó diferentes estrategias y tácticas para evitar ser expulsado de la ciudad de Sirte. Tras la conclusión de la Operación se plantea la cuestión sobre el uso de una guerra híbrida por parte del Daesh en Sirte durante 2016 contra las fuerzas del GNA.

Attentato a Londra, cosa annotare dalla rivendicazione dello Stato islamico –

La sedicente agenzia stampa dello Stato islamico, Amaq News ha diffuso una breve informativa in cui riporta la rivendicazione del’IS per l’attacco di Londra di mercoledì.

Several police officers injured in suicide bomb attack in Algeria’s Constantine

Several police officers were reportedly injured after a suicide bomber detonated himself outside a police station in the eastern Algerian city of Constantine on Sunday (26 February) evening. Algerian state news agency APS and local media sources reported that the attacker was shot dead before he could enter the building.

Al Qaeda linked to more than 250 West African attacks in 2016 | FDD’s Long War Journal

According to data compiled by FDD’s Long War Journal, al Qaeda and its many allies and affiliates launched at least 257 attacks in Mali and the wider West Africa region in 2016, nearly a staggering 150 percent uptick from the group’s 106 assaults in the 2015 calendar year.

Detained Islamic State suspect says Tunisian journalists were executed

A suspected Islamic State (IS) group militant held in eastern Libya said two Tunisian journalists who went missing in 2014 were killed by IS, in a television report on Saturday. Abderrazek Nassef Abderrazek Ali, a Libyan, said he had witnessed the pair being slain execution-style in a forest outside the eastern town of Derna, which was then under IS control.

Amri Anis, Amaq e la prima rivendicazione dell’Isis in Italia –

La pseudo agenzia di stampa del Califfato, Amaq News ( in realtà uno dei tanti media-outelt dell’Isis), ha rivendicato la sparatoria che a Milano ha coinvolto Amri Anis, attentatore di Berlino, ucciso durante un controllo da un poliziotto italiano. È stato il secondo attacco dell'”autore”, dopo quello di Berlino.

Agenzia Nova | Articolo | Egitto: rabbia e sgomento tra la popolazione per l’attacco alla cattedrale copta

Il Cairo, 12 dic 12:35 – (Agenzia Nova) – L’opinione pubblica egiziana è ancora scioccata dopo l’attacco alla cattedrale copta ortodossa di San Marco, nel quartiere di Abbasseya, costato la vita ad almeno 25 persone. Diversi egiziani, non solo copti, sono scesi in strada per protestare contro l’attacco di ieri.

Un djihadiste français de l’EI au palmarès impressionant aurait été tué en Syrie

Un militant français de l’Etat islamique en Syrie, prénommé Boubaker El Hakim, mentor des frères Kouachi, aurait été abattu à la fin du mois de novembre par un drone américain, selon une information non encore confirmée de l’AFP.

Agenzia Nova | Articolo | Libia: scontri nella Mezzaluna petrolifera dopo la liberazione di Sirte (5)

Tripoli, 07 dic 18:00 – (Agenzia Nova) – Secondo Héni Nsaibia, analista per le questioni di sicurezza (@MENASTREAM su Twitter), il coinvolgimento del Consiglio presidenziale “non è del tutto chiaro”, mentre il ministro al Barghouthi ha più volte menzionato in precedenza “un piano per avanzare verso la Mezzaluna petrolifera”.

AQIM claims two attacks in northern Mali | FDD’s Long War Journal

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has claimed two attacks that occurred yesterday which targeted the airports of Timbuktu and Gao in northern Mali. The jihadist group claimed a suicide attack in Gao, while a rocket barrage targeted a French base at the Timbuktu airport.

Fuerzas progubernamentales libias apuran los últimos días de Daesh en Sirte

Ataques suicidias, coches bomba, francotiradores y una red de túneles entre los edificios han entorpecido el avance de las tropas de Al Bunyan Al Marsus

Agenzia Nova | Articolo | Libia: scontro di propaganda Tripoli-Tobruk per l’arresto della presunta moglie di Belmokhtar

Tripoli, 23 nov 09:01 – (Agenzia Nova) – E’ guerra di propaganda in Libia per l’arresto della presunta moglie del terrorista algerino Mokhtar Belmokhtar, ex capo di al Qaeda nel Maghreb e attuale leader del gruppo jihadista da lui fondato denominato al Murabitun.

DOCUMENT- Non! Ce n’est pas l’épouse de Belmokhtar qui a été arrêtée en Libye

Nous avions annoncé dans nos anciennes publications l’arrestation de l’épouse tunisienne de Mokhtar Belmokhtar, le terroriste algérien

ISIS in Sirte: From Caliphate to Insurgency

The Atlantic Council promotes constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the central role of the Atlantic Community in meeting global challenges. Founded in 1961, the Council provides an essential forum for navigating the dramatic shifts in economic and political influence that are shaping the twenty-first century by educating and galvanizing its uniquely influential, nonpartisan network of international political, business, and intellectual leaders.

Drone Bases Updates

This dynamic post will provide regular updates regarding the deployment of drones in military operations as new developments occur and as new information becomes available. The entries will place the latest developments in context. Bizerte, Tunisia November 17, 2016 By…

Beyond Syria and Iraq:

As an idea, the Islamic State has gone global, attracting far more foreign terrorist fighters than all previous jihadist conflicts combined. But as a so-called state or “caliphate,” how successful has it really been at expanding its global footprint through the establishment of “provinces” around the world?

AQIM executes Tuareg prisoners in video | The Long War Journal

Several Tuareg captives were executed by al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in a new video released by the Sahara branch of Al Andalus Media, the official media wing of the terrorist group. The captives were accused of spying for French, Malian, and Mauritanian forces in northern Mali.

Egitto: orrore Isis, video decapitazione sceicco ultracentenario

Era stato rapito con un altro religioso, ucciso allo stesso modo

Agenzia Nova | Articolo | Egitto: Stato islamico decapita anziano sceicco del Sinai settentrionale (2)

Il Cairo, 20 nov 12:51 – (Agenzia Nova) – Heni Nsaibia, ricercatore indipendente specializzato in risk consultancy, monitoring security e terrorismo, ha detto ad “Agenzia Nova” che l’episodio “rientra nella propaganda di Wilayat Sinai di dimostrare che riesce ad uccidere autorità ed esponenti delle istituzioni, e al tempo stesso di far vedere che la Hisbah (la polizia islamica) e la Corte shariatica funzionano, con particolare riferimento alle decapitazioni”.

Agenzia Nova | Articolo | Terrorismo: analista indipendente a “Nova”, adesione gruppo al Murabitun all’Is “non va sottovalutata”

Roma, 02 nov 17:11 – (Agenzia Nova) – L’adesione allo Stato islamico (Is) di una fazione del gruppo terrorista nordafricano al Murabitun “non è da sottovalutare”, perché la nuova formazione potrebbe arruolare tra le sue fila combattenti del Nord Africa, del Sahel e dell’Africa occidentale delusi dagli sviluppi in Iraq, Siria e Libia.

Islamic State in the Greater Sahara claims second attack in Burkina Faso | The Long War Journal

The Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS), a fledgling organization in the Sahel which holds allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi of the Islamic State, has claimed its second attack in Burkina Faso. A Mauritanian news outlet, Al Akhbar, has reported both of the terrorist group’s claims of responsibility.

American aid worker reportedly kidnapped in Niger | The Long War Journal

An American aid worker from the non-governmental organization “JEMED” has reportedly been kidnapped in the Tahoua region of Niger, close to the border of Mali, local sources told French news outlet RFI. The kidnapping occurred in the same region of Niger as last week’s attack on a Malian refugee camp.

Tunisian AQIM branch claims attack on troops in Kasserine | The Long War Journal

Uqba bin Nafi Battalion fighters before an ambush on Tunisian soldiers last year The Uqba bin Nafi Battalion, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’s (AQIM) branch in Tunisia, has claimed an ambush on Tunisian soldiers in the Mount Sammama area of Kasserine Governorate on Aug. 29.

Jihadists reportedly capture town in central Mali | The Long War Journal

Suspected jihadist forces have reportedly captured the central Malian town of Boni after attacking and setting fire to administrative buildings in town. Jihadists briefly held the town before retreating and the Malian military is now said to be back in control of Boni.

Mais de 20 soldados morrem em ataque a campo de refugiados no Níger

Pelo menos 22 militares morreram em um ataque a um campo de refugiados nesta quinta-feira no Níger, segundo anunciou o primeiro-ministro do país, Brigi Rafini.

Israeli fighter jet crashes outside base after striking Gaza, pilot killed – army statement

An Israeli Air Force pilot died on Wednesday as he ejected from his F-16 fighter jet upon returning from an airstrike mission in the Gaza Strip. The jet caught fire and crashed moments later outside Ramon Air Force base in southern Israel.

U eksploziji u Kairu povređene dve osobe

Nije još jasno ko je bio meta, ali se navodi da je bomba bila postavljena u privatni automobil parkiran blizu domova javnog tužioca i jednog zvaničnika Ministarstva unutrašnjih poslova. Egipat se suočava sa militantima Islamske države u severnom Sinaju gde su već poginule stotine vojnika i policajaca.

Explosion und Schüsse in Malmö – vier Personen verletzt

Explosion und Schüsse in Malmö – vier Personen verletzt – watson Unbekannte haben in der südschwedischen Malmö auf ein Auto geschossen und dabei vier Männer verletzt. Eines der Opfer sei in kritischem Zustand, sagte ein Polizeibeamter am Sonntag gegenüber der Nachrichtenagentur dpa.

Agenzia Nova | Articolo | Speciale difesa: Libia, uomini di Haftar costruiscono “fossato” intorno ad Agedabia

Agenzia di notizie, analisi e rassegne della stampa internazionale. Oltre 400 lanci al giorno sull’attualità politica ed economica di Balcani, Nord Africa e Medio Oriente. Notiziari globali su energia, difesa e cooperazione. Analisi politica ed internazionale. Monitoraggio quotidiano di oltre 1.000 testate giornalistiche da 60 paesi.

Libia, italiani rapiti “sono vicino a confine algerino”

Roma – Sarebbe stata individuata la zona in cui sono tenuti prigionieri i due tecnici italiani rapiti nel sud della Libia: e’ l’area di Ghat, al confine con l’Algeria, dove gia’ lavoravano per la manutenzione dell’aeroporto locale. Lo hanno riferito all’Agi fonti del governo di Tobruk, in contatto con una squadra che sta partecipando alle ricerche, al confine con l’Algeria.

Tutti i dettagli sui due lavoratori italiani rapiti in Libia –

La mattina del 19 settembre due lavoratori italiani sono stati rapiti in Libia. Si tratta di due tecnici, Bruno Cacace e Danilo Calonego, che lavorano per la ditta cuneese Con.I.Cos: la vicenda è stata confermata dalla Farnesina, che ha allertato l’unità di crisi.

Tunisie : deux djihadistes abattus dans une opération policière à Kasserine

Deux djihadistes, “suivis depuis plusieurs semaines” pour “leur appartenance à Daech”, ont été tués au cours d’une importante opération sécuritaire nocturne à Kasserine, dans le centre-est de la Tunisie, selon le ministère de l’Intérieur. Un troisième homme a été interpellé. Les combats, qui ont duré plusieurs heures jusqu’à l’aube, ont également fait une victime civile.

Deux djihadistes abattus par les forces sécuritaires tunisiennes (PHOTOS CHOQUANTES)

Deux djihadistes ont été tués au cours d’une importante opération sécuritaire nocturne à Kasserine, dans le centre-est de la Tunisie, nouvel épisode dans l’offensive que les autorités mènent contre les terroristes depuis plusieurs mois. Les combats, qui ont duré plusieurs heures jusqu’à l’aube, ont également fait une victime civile, touchée mortellement lors d’échanges de tirs croisés.

Agenzia Nova | Articolo | Libia: progressi contro lo Stato islamico a Sirte, liberata principale moschea della città

Agenzia di notizie, analisi e rassegne della stampa internazionale. Oltre 400 lanci al giorno sull’attualità politica ed economica di Balcani, Nord Africa e Medio Oriente. Notiziari globali su energia, difesa e cooperazione. Analisi politica ed internazionale. Monitoraggio quotidiano di oltre 1.000 testate giornalistiche da 60 paesi.

Chi è Moez Fezzani, il jihadista arrestato in Libia con legami in Italia –

È stato arrestato in Libia Moez Fezzani, aka ” Abu Nassim”, reclutatore e comandante dello Stato islamico, attivo anche in Tunisia e considerato una minaccia di primo livello dall’intelligence italiana.

Mali : Aqmi et Ansar Dine jouent la partition géographique et la diversification des cibles

AA/ Bamako/ Mohamed Abdellaoui/ Mohamed Ag Ahmedou/ Moussa Bolly Le nom d’Ansar Dine revient souvent dans l’actualité malienne, ces derniers temps. Certains analystes et observateurs vont même jusqu’à dire qu’il devance celui d’Al-Qaïda au Maghreb islamique (Aqmi). Est-ce un hasard ou une volonté de distribution des rôles sur un terrain mouvant et embrasé?

U.S. Counter-ISIS Air Campaign Expands to Sirte | Critical Threats

The U.S. conducted its first airstrikes targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) in Sirte, Libya, on August 1.[1] The airstrikes hit an ISIS tank and two vehicles at the request of the internationally recognized Government of National Accord (GNA), according to Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook.[2] American military support for the GNA without a political resolution in Libya risks worsening Libya’s civil war and strengthening ISIS and al Qaeda in the long term.

De l’extérieur à l’intérieur, la France sur tous les fronts

A l’exception de l’opération “Sangaris” en République centrafricaine, qui doit prendre fin en octobre, toutes les missions d’envergure des forces armées françaises concernent en 2016 la lutte contre des groupes jihadistes. Offensive ou défensive, cette mobilisation a deux organisations dans le viseur : l’Etat islamique (EI) et Al-Qaeda.

Gli attentati degli ultimi 18 mesi in Francia – Il Post

La Francia è stato il paese europeo più colpito da attentati negli ultimi 18 mesi. Dal gennaio 2015, quando ci fu l’attacco a Parigi contro la redazione del settimanale satirico francese Charlie Hebdo, in Francia sono state uccise in attentati circa 230 persone e altre centinaia sono rimaste ferite.

Le ultime sulla strage di Nizza – Il Post

Aggiornamenti e notizie man mano che arrivano: non ci sono ancora informazioni affidabili su chi guidasse il camion che ha ucciso 80 persone Giovedì sera intorno alle 22.30 a Nizza, in Francia, un camion ha investito decine di persone che stavano partecipando alle celebrazioni per l’anniversario della presa della Bastiglia, che si festeggia ogni anno il 14 luglio.

AQIM and ISIS in Tunisia: Competing Campaigns | Critical Threats

Click image to enlarge. The Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) is actively challenging the Tunisian state. It began by attacking the Tunisian tourism industry, conducting spectacular attacks against the Bardo Museum and a Sousse beach resort in 2015.[i] ISIS is now seeking to lead an insurgency against the Tunisian government.

GNA-Allied Forces Seize Momentum against ISIS in Sirte | Critical Threats

The Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) is losing the battle for Sirte, its stronghold on the central Libyan coast since early 2015.[1] Militias allied with the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) from the western Libyan city of Misrata and the eastern oil crescent region have advanced

Tunisia’s Resilience Faces Stern Terrorist Test

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which began this week, has proven a popular time for jihadist extremists to launch attacks globally. Tunisia will be among those countries on highest alert, following a spate of violence over the past 18 months that has threatened its fragile stability.

Agenzia Nova | Primo piano | Libia: milizie di Misurata a cinque chilometri dal centro di Sirte

Agenzia di notizie, analisi e rassegne della stampa internazionale. Oltre 400 lanci al giorno sull’attualità politica ed economica di Balcani, Nord Africa e Medio Oriente. Notiziari globali su energia, difesa e cooperazione. Analisi politica ed internazionale. Monitoraggio quotidiano di oltre 1.000 testate giornalistiche da 60 paesi.

Libia, ecco come Serraj e Haftar litigano anche sulle banconote –

Il capo della base aerea di Lebraq, a Beida, ha annunciato martedì che il primo carico delle nuove banconote libiche è arrivato in Cirenaica. Si tratta di 200 milioni dei 4 miliardi di dinari previsti, immessi sul mercato dal primo di giugno.

Mali : un Casque bleu chinois et trois civils tués dans une attaque contre l’ONU

Un Casque bleu et trois civils travaillant pour les Nations unies à Gao (nord du Mali) ont été tués dans une double attaque mardi soir ayant visé un camp de l’ONU et les locaux d’un prestataire de services pour l’ONU. AQMI a revendiqué les assauts.

Al-Qaeda says it carried out deadly attack on UN in northern Mali | Africanews

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has claimed responsibility for an attack on the United Nations in northern Mali. The attack led to the death of a Chinese peacekeeper and three civilians according to the AFP.

Libye : des soldats des Forces spéciales américaines au sol à Tripoli et Misrata

Abou Graïn a été repris à l’organisation Etat Islamique. GEOPOLIS – Washington reconnaît désormais la présence de soldats américains sur le sol libyen. Ils seraient stationnés à Tripoli et à Misrata pour aider le gouvernement libyen d’union nationale (GAN) dans son offensive contre l’organisation Etat islamique. Qui se replie sur Syrte, après plusieurs défaites.

Islamic State Suicide Bomber Kills Five in Libya

Jihadists of the ISIS terror group launched attacks south of the Libyan coastal city of Misrata Thursday, and claim to have taken control of several villages between their Libyan stronghold of Sirte and the city of Misrata, including Baghla, Zamzam, and Abu Najaym, as well as the town of Abu Grain.

Come si muove Haftar in Libia contro Isis –

Da qualche giorno circolano in rete alcune immagini che riprendono un convoglio di mezzi del cosiddetto Libyan National Army (Lna), ossia la milizia armata guidata dal generale Khalifa Haftar (l’uomo forte delle Cirenaica), lanciati in direzione di Sirte, la roccaforte libica dello Stato islamico.

Reports of imminent clash between Libyan forces and Islamic State

Libyan National Army reported to have taken control of UAE consignment of armoured vehicles to prepare clash against Isis in Sirte A massive consignment of armoured vehicles to the Libyan National Army and the rapid deployment of Islamic State forces in Sirte have stoked fears of an impending clash between the forces of General Khalif Haftar and Isis.

خريطة تفاعلية لقائمة أسلحة الارهابيين المحجوزة في تونس طوال 5 سنوات

نشرت صحيفة آخر خبر في عددها الصادر يوم الثلاثاء 19 أفريل تقريرا مفصلا حول اسلحة الارهابيين المحجوزة منذ 2011, قالت خلاله أن وحدات الامن والجيش الوطنيين قامت بالكشف عن عديد المخازن منذ 2011 وقد بلغ العدد الجملي للمحجوز في نهاية 2015: -764 سلاح نوع كلاشينكوف -106 مسدس -115 مخزنا -125449 طلقة -383 رمانة يدوية -1320 بندقية صيد -26475 خرطوشة -621 لغم -1820 صاعق قنابل -50 حشوة دفاعية -70 لغم مضاد للمدرعات -6 لفائف فتيل صاعق وكانت هذه الاسلحة موزعة حسب السلم الزمني الذي نشرته الصحيفة والذي نعيد نشره.

Tunisia lifts night curfew in Ben Guerdane

Tunisia government has announced the lifting of the night curfew which had been on since March 7 in the region near the Libyan border, after a jihadist attack. In a brief statement published on its official Facebook page, the Ministry of Interior announced the lifting of the curfew “from Wednesday” in the city south of the country.

Heurts en Tunisie à la frontière libyenne : cinq terroristes abattus et un civil tué

De violents heurts entre l’armée tunisienne et des tireurs non identifiés ont eu lieu à Ben Guerdane, à proximité de la frontière libyenne. Les présumés terroristes se sont réfugiés dans une maison avant d’être neutralisés par l’armée tunisienne.

US-Luftwaffe fliegt Angriff auf Drahtzieher der Anschläge in Tunesien

Bei einem US-Luftangriff auf mutmaßliche Stellungen der IS-Dschihadisten in Libyen sind 41 Menschen getötet und 6 verletzt worden. Wie der Bürgermeister von Sabrata der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters berichtete, war gegen 3.30 Uhr Ortszeit (2.30 MEZ) ein Gebäude im Stadtteil Qasr Talil getroffen worden, in dem ausländische Arbeitskräfte untergebracht seien.

توسع رقعة الاحتجاجات في تونس لتشمل كل الولايات (خارطة ) | African Manager

تونس-افريكان مانجر تتواصل الاحتجاجات الاجتماعية وحالة الاحتقان في عدد من المدن و المعتمديات التونسية للمطالبة بالتشغيل والتنمية و هو ما دعا إلى التدخل الأمني مما خلف عددا من المصابين من المحتجين و الامنيين كما توفي أمني مساء الأربعاء بعد انقلاب سيارة أمنية وسط مدينة فريانة من ولاية القصرين أثناء محاولتها التصدي للاحتجاجات بالمدينة .

احتجاجات القصرين في تونس تمتد إلى 3 محافظات جديدة

لليوم التالت علي التوالى انتفاضة “القصرين” تمتد إلي 3 محافظات جديدة… ومحتجون يرددون هتافات: “شغل.. حرية.. كرامة” وانتشر وسم على الشبكات الاجتماعية فيما نشر بعض النشطاء خارطة تظهر انتشار الاحتجاجات في معظم أنحاء تونس. وكان رئيس الجمهورية التونسي قد صرح مساء أمس بالقول إن:” إحتجاجات العاطلين عن العمل مشروعة ويكفلها الدستور والدولة ضامنة لحق التظاهر”.

Minée par le chômage, la jeunesse tunisienne se révolte à nouveau

Partie de Kasserine, dans le centre de la Tunisie, la contestation contre le chômage et l’exclusion sociale s’est étendue à de nouvelles villes. La tension est montée d’un cran après la mort d’un jeune diplômé chômeur et d’un policier. Les autorités tunisiennes ont décrété un couvre-feu nocturne dans tout le pays.

خريطة تُبرز مُختلف مواقع الاحتجاجات في تونس

تونيقازات – احتجاجات بدأت للمطالبة بالتشغيل والتنمية اندلعت شرارتها في القصرين عقب وفاة الشاب رضا اليحياوي، يوم السبت 16 جانفي الجاري، نتيجة صعقة كهربائية بعد تسلّقه عمودا كهربائيا أمام مقرّ الولاية احتجاجا على حذف اسمه من قائمة المنتدبين الذين اعتصموا في مقرّ الولاية سنة 2014. وإثر ذلك توسّعت رقعة الاحتجاجات، وهذه الخريطة نشرها موقع “Menastream”…

Image du jour : Carte des protestations actuelles en Tunisie

Publié le 21/01/2016 Ça a commencé à Kasserine quand le jeune Ridha Yahiaoui est mort électrocuté en grimpant sur un poteau électrique, il revendiquait sont droit à l’emploi. Depuis des affrontements ont éclaté à Kasserine où plusieurs diplômés chômeurs font actuellement un sit-in au siège du gouvernorat.

Schiet-Palestijn dood, MinDef blij

De geslaagde anti-terreuractie “bewijst eens te meer dat de Israëlische staat degenen die kwaad willen blijft zoeken tot het bittere einde, waar dan ook; binnen het land, langs de grenzen en ver daarvan, en ze te pakken zal krijgen”, aldus de opgelucht Ya’alon tegenover JPost.

Almenys onze morts a l’explotar un autobús de militars en Tunis

Dimarts, 24 de novembre del 2015 – 18:12 CET Un autobús que, segons sembla, transportava diversos agents de la guàrdia presidencial h a explotat aquest dimarts a la tarda quan transitava pel centre de Tunis i ha causat nombroses víctimes, han informat a Efe diversos testimonis. L’agència Reuters informa d’almenys catorze morts.

Decenas de muertos al explotar un autobús de militares en Túnez

Martes, 24 de noviembre del 2015 – 18:12 CET Un autobús que al parecer transportaba a varios agentes de la guardia presidencial fue el objeto un atentado la tarde de este martes cuando transitaba por el centro de Túnez causando al menos 14 muertos.

WATCH: ISIS Hangs Man Upside Down & Shoots Him

In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Message to the Monotheists After the Bombing of the Apostates in Tunisia,” a man is tied up and shot in Syria.

Trois Israéliens blessés, deux Palestiniens tués… Ban Ki-moon dénonce une “dangereuse escalade”

Ce mardi 20 octobre a apporté son nouveau lot de violences en Israël. Le secrétaire général de l’ONU, en visite surprise de deux jours dans la région, a appelé au calme avant que la situation n'”empire”.

TUNIS ZBOG TERORISTIČKOG NAPADA PROGLAŠAVA IZVANREDNO STANJE Raznesen autobus pun pripadnika predsjedničke garde

NOVO – 20:20 – Reuters izvještava da će Tunis proglasiti izvanredno stanje nakon napada na autobus u glavnom gradu države. Tamošnje su vlasti napad, u kojemu je, prema najnovijim podacima poginulo najmanje 12 ljudi, a najmanje 17 ih je ozlijeđeno, proglasile terorističkim činom. Odgovornost za napad nije preuzeo zasad nitko.

Eksplodirala bomba u Tunisu: Najmanje 11 ljudi je poginulo

Najmanje 11 ljudi poginulo je u eksploziji u Tunisu. Bomba je eksplodirala u autobusu koji je prevozio predsjedničku gardu, a sve se zbilo na aveniji Mohamed V., jednoj od glavnih cesta u zemlji, javlja Independent. Policija i izvori bliski uredu predsjednika kažu da je riječ o napadu te dodaju da još nije sasvim jasno jesu li na autobus bačeni bomba ili eksploziv.

The Terrorism Law, State Security and Online Freedom of Expression

On Wednesday, 19 March 2015, the terrorist attack on Bardo National Museum, which also aimed to target the parliament of Tunisia, took 24 lives, among them 20 tourists including French, Italian, Japanese, Colombian, Polish and Spanish nationalities, and 4 Tunisians, including National Guard officers and the two perpetrators of the operation.