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Mali: New Fulani armed group in the making

Three recently published videos announced the formation of a new Fulani armed group active in the areas of Ansongo, Fafa and Haïre. The group is described as non-jihadist and non-separatist, thus recognizing the Malian state and does not claim any territory. It has a secular...

Libya: Air raid by unknown aircraft in Gardhah al-Shati

Last night on Monday November 14 were airstrikes by "unknown aircraft" reported in the area of Gardhah al-Shati north of Sebha, the strikes that reportedly killed a number of terrorists gave rise to a lot of speculation in Libyan media and on social media platforms....

Mali: New video release by AQIM’s Al-Andalus Media – ’Traitors 2’

AQIM's Al-Andalus Media released a 22m31sec high quality video focusing on spies, or as described 'traitors', locals providing intelligence to French (Barkhane)-, Malian-, Mauritanian- and MINUSMA forces. A previous video on the subject was released on December 7, 2015 entitled 'Traitors', thus making this release the...

MENASTREAM – Sahel Report for October 2016

Security-related incidents and key developments October has been a violent month in northern and central Mali on a similar level as previous month, although there was a notable increase in more complex attacks, with attacks and activity recorded in zones pertaining to AQIM, Ansar Dine and...

Algeria: Policeman assassinated in Constantine

In the evening of Friday October 28, Three unidentified gunmen entered a restaurant in the Ziadia district of Constantine, directly targeting a policeman seated at the restaurant. Three bullets were reportedly fired against the policeman who was hit by at least one lethal shot in the...