About Us

MENASTREAM Research & Risk Consultancy



MENASTREAM is an integrated research and risk consultancy that conduct its own independent research and provide tailored analysis based on the unique and specific needs of our clients. MENASTREAM facilitate the access and provides the solutions for our clients.

MENASTREAM closely monitor the situation and the dynamics of North Africa and the Sahel region on the security-, political- and the economical level. MENASTREAM have expertis in the fields of international relations, geopolitics, strategic intelligence, political risk, security and terrorism. Our team holds multilingual competencies covering English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Swedish, Finnish and Russian. MENASTREAM is connected to an extensive intelligence network, researchers and people on the ground in the Middle East, North Africa and Sahel.

Our devoted and trusted team deliver reports and analysis on regional, national and local context with a multidimensional approach to situational awareness based on real-time intelligence. MENASTREAM provides customizable briefing-, intelligence- or rapid response reports on request.


MENASTREAM‘s research constitute a crucial component in our work to provide our clients with informed assessments on the conditions in the region. Security and safety is paramount for our clients operating in regions where the security situation quickly can change due to unrest, political violence or other security-related issues.

MENASTREAM‘s research focus on counter-terrorism (CT), counter-insurgency (COIN), terrorism, jihadism, political violence and social unrest in the Middle East, North Africa and Sahel. MENASTREAM regularly publishes incident reports, weekly and monthly roundups. For researchers or clients in need of more detailed data we provide customized geodata, datasets, spreadsheets and other curated material on demand.

Our newsfeed

MENASTREAM provides daily coverage and perspectives on current events and developments in the region through our twitter newsfeed (@MENASTREAM) with selected and evaluated sources, we also release in-depth analysis, videos, graphics and our self-produced event data, weekly and monthly insights filled with high-quality content, maps and infographics.