Algeria: Two terrorists killed during search operation in Boumerdès

Algeria: Two terrorists killed during search operation in Boumerdès

The Algerian Ministry of National Defense stated in a communiqué that two terrorists were killed an ANP unit during a search operation on February 17, the terrorists were reportedly shot dead around 14:00 in Douar Bousmail, located in the commune of Ammal in Boumerdès province. The operation which is still ongoing have so far resulted in the seizure of 2 assault rifles of type Kalashnikov, 6 magazines, 2 pairs of binoculars, 1 grenade, a quantity of ammunition and mobile phones. A hideout/shelter (also known as ‘casemate’ in French) was also discovered and destroyed at the location.


Approximate location where the terrorists were killed


Picture shows a terrorist shelter often referred to as hideout, bunker with the words used interchangebly, all translations from the French word ‘casemate’, used in North Africa for these forms of huts that are found in mountain and forest areas where terrorists been hiding. The use of ‘casemates’ dates back to the 50’s and the North African resistance movements that challenged the colonial power France. They came to be used again during the Algerian civil war in the early 90’s and from then until today by insurgents / terrorists in Algeria and Tunisia.